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Spring Cleaning Electrical Safety Tips

Here are some electrical safety tips to keep in mind as you're cleaning up the house, garage and yard.


1. Make sure to keep ladders more than 10 feet from power lines. Even a wooden ladder is dangerous if it contacts a power line.


2. Keep all electrical cords and tools away from water. Even be cautious in wet grass.


3. Inspect your tools and electrical appliances for any damaged cords, plugs or any other defects that could cause fire or shock hazard.


4. Unplug your power tools when not in use!


5. Don't run extension cords across a heavily traveled foot path. Let your family know that you're doing some work and to be careful of your cords and tools. Then remove the cords as soon as you're done.


6. Don't overload your exterior outlets. Call me to install additional outlets if needed.


7. My last important spring cleaning tip is for the basement. Make sure as you're organizing your basement, leave plenty of space leading up to and around your electrical service panel. Also, double check that there is no water leaking onto or directly around the electrical panel. We all know that water and electricity do not go well together.


Happy Spring Cleaning! Call Jim with any questions at 414-416-1243.


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